Adam Gray, Managing Director of Air Quality Monitors Ltd was ready to launch a new range of environmental monitoring devices but there was one thing missing - software that could remotely control and display information from these devices.

These devices are typically installed at quarries, power plants and construction sites. They sample the air for particulate levels, CO2, wind direction and more, then transmit the data over the mobile telephone network. Adam required a fully featured web-based solution to remotely monitor these devices and the sooner he could get one the sooner he could start shipping devices to clients.

The whole Switch Systems team have been fantastic! Their input has helped us develop a product that is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition and has allowed us to expand our product line into neighbouring industries
Adam Gray AQM Managing Director



24/7 Real Time

The system is continually collecting data and generating 5 minute, 15 minute, 1 hour and 24 hour averages for reporting. We capture over 1.5 million data samples every week

Mobile Alerts

Thresholds and alerts can be setup in the system to send alerts via email or SMS, allowing people to be alerted immediately of any potential pollution problems

Exportable Data

Instrument data is exportable to Excel and can be pre-filtered on type and date range

Worldwide Time Zone Support

Our systems correctly calculate and graph data across time zones and daylight savings time

Reliable Cloud Hosting

AQMData is powered by our own cloud hosting platform - we run our own hardware and network services to ensure that the system can run 365 days a year

Hardware Engineering

The environmental instruments didn't come with much in the way of documentation, so it was up to our engineers to decipher the serial communications protocols and to work out just how we were going to send/receive data from the devices.

Our expertise in dealing with hardware allowed us to come up with innovative solutions and allowed us to design a system that would support hundreds of these devices over the standard GPRS mobile network.


Continued Growth & Development

In 2014 we launched version 3 of the system, rebranding from "DustData" to "AQMData" with the release of new weather and noise monitoring capabilities.

Sales of AQM equipment have gone from strength to strength ever since, with many multi-million pound companies now relying on our robust software solution to provide them with the accurate up to the minute data that they require.

We continue to work with AQM to develop and improve new and existing features in response to the changing requirements of their customers. All updates pass through our rigorous internal testing procedures before deployment to ensure that the reliability of the AQMData website is not affected by new feature roll-outs. Our monitoring systems also allow us to profile system performance, allowing us to optimise architectures in anticipation of further growth.

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