The University of Exeter already had a system for taking student surveys, but this process occurs infrequently and is often a burden for students to complete at the end of their academic year. Something new was needed to increase student participation and to improve the speed of response to feedback.

We designed and built a discussion system that integrated with the University's timetabling system, allowing students to discuss their course and modules in real time with their peers in an easy to use mobile-first HTML5 site.

Peer-discussion, student focused

We built this system primarily to help students find answers to questions that their peers may know. This helps reduce the burden on lecturers, but how do you know if the advice given is good or not? Our system allows comments to be voted up or down and for questions to be searched by twitter style #tags


Powerful Features

Mobile First

Mobile First is a philosophy that centres the site design towards mobile users, giving them a first class experience. Accelerate is universally beautiful on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Improving Student Engagement

Easily accessed & community driven, students can give feedback straight from their lecture theatre in real time

Reports and Analytics

Module and Course leaders can see the latest trending posts across all their activities
and reporting tools give deep insight into the amount of feedback and when/where it occurs

Powerful Surveying System

A powerful survey system allows staff to setup their own questionnaires and export reports to Excel and PDF

How Can Switch Systems Help You?

We've blended the latest in mobile internet technologies into an easy to use system that is helping to improve student engagement rates across the institution.