Software Development

Switch Systems can create bespoke software on your own terms, modelling your business processes so that you can quickly and easily streamline your organisation. Our secure web-based solutions work on Windows, Linux, Macs and mobile devices, both inside and outside of your company network.

Behind the scenes

How does Switch Systems manage to guarantee quality software without employing a massive team of developers? That's Easy!

We make use of the very latest technologies, automated test suites for unit tests and functional tests, comprehensive source code repositories, project management tools and monitoring systems which are tightly integrated, giving our developers powerful tools to develop software in a quality assured environment.

We use open source software libraries and systems, including technologies used by the likes of Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Our expertise with servers and networking gives us complete end-to-end control over the solutions we provide, meaning we're not reliant on third parties or outside contractors.

Standards Based Development

Using modern coding standards means we can deploy faster, with greater compatibility across all devices

Robust Infrastructure and Tools

We give our devs an environment full of state-of-the-art tools to help them get their job done easier so they can concentrate on building awesome things

We run our own hardware

We don't rent cloud servers from anyone - we run our own servers in highly secured data centres, so we can guarantee that your data is safe and secure

Open Source

We use a lot of open source solutions, so we've open sourced some of our own creations! Check out our GitHub profile