Our consulation team are here to help guide you through the latest technological advances - we can help fix existing problems, architect new solutions and give you a strategy aligned with your business goals.

Our friendly advice is always transparent, impartial and down to earth.

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Disaster Recovery

Whether your website has been hacked or your servers and databases are broken, you can depend on us. Our engineers are experts in the technology behind webhosting, servers and databases - we can often succeed where others fail, getting you back online fast whilst giving you strategic advice on how to avoid problems in the future.

Servers & Networks

Whether you need an end-to-end encrypted data communication system that works around the globe, or need help on architecting internet systems for best performance and stability, we can advise on network systems, servers, wireless & mobile communications, near-field comms and peer to peer technology.

Mobile App Development

We can provide both native iOS and Android apps, cross-browser HTML5 apps and general design advice to help get your idea off the ground. Talk to us about making games or business tools and get plain-English advice about security, in-app purchases and revenue streams.

  • Case Study: Educational Maths Game (coming soon)

Tech Events

Our staff are always tinkering with tech and coming up with new ideas - check out the Massively Multiplayer Gaming System that Kris built for the Exeter Lost Weekend Festival:
This system fuses HTML5, Websockets, Node.js, Python and custom WiFi to create a low-latency massively-controllable games system, allowing the whole audience to play together (or in teams) in games including Mario, Sonic, Street Fighter, Tetris and Pacman