Investor Acuity - Portfolio management system

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We worked with Isaac on taking his ideas on paper and turning them into a fully fledged web application for his team to use with customers.

Unfortunately we can’t share any details or screenshots, but he was so pleased, he wrote us a full on testimonial!

Read on for his words:

“Having a clear idea and specification for a tool that would allow us to operate our business the way we wish to (deliver excellent investment advice), we sought quotations from several developers to work in partnership with.”

“The thing that set Switch Systems apart from the outset was their enthusiasm for the project. Their active engagement with the concept during our initial meetings was very impressive and encouraging.”

“As the project proceeded, the grounds for my initial optimism were met and even surpassed. Both Tom and Kris continually contributed creative and ingenious approaches to ensure the final product was as good as it could be. I sincerely believe that the final software is considerably better than my original specification, as a result of this.

“Throughout the development process, the communication, accessibility and transparency were excellent. Tom (who was the main developer on our project), was readily available to discuss issues with and I always received sincere, honest and conscientious interactions from him. He always made me feel that I had his full attention and that he was highly concerned to deal with all my enquiries.”

“Whenever challenges arose (as they naturally do), Tom and Switch Systems always used it as an opportunity to apply their skills and creativity and they always came up with a good solution. What’s more, they were always positive in these scenarios.”

“Switch Systems work in a methodical and timely manner - I always knew where we were in the process and what to expect at each point. At the outset they established clear and well-defined milestones to work towards. They were highly fair throughout the process and accommodated our needs in the project timetable.”

"My regular meetings with Tom were always open and positive, I always left feeling that he understood exactly what I wanted and more excited about the project than before. "

“It is my firm impression that Switch Systems are mostly concerned about how they can make the projects that they are working on as good as possible and that delivering an excellent standard is paramount to them.”

“I would highly recommend Switch Systems. It has been a real pleasure to work with them and I look forward to many more years of partnership to come.”

Isaac Randall BA(hons) DipPFS Chartered FCSI