Our team of software developers know that often the simplest solution is the best one. Tailored Information Technology systems can turn a good business into a great business, and that's what we love doing. Our friendly advice is always transparent, impartial and down to earth.

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Open Data & Data Visualisation

We've worked on a variety of projects where we've built unique data visualisation tools to help organisations understand their data (some of which we've blogged about) . We can also provide advice on open data and how to get the best out of it - here's 147,000 nodes of Devon County Council highways data we geo-visualised:


Whether you need an end-to-end encrypted data communication system that works around the globe, or need help on architecting internet systems for best performance and stability, we can advise on network systems, servers, wireless & mobile communications, near-field comms and peer to peer technology.

Mobile App Development

We can provide both native iOS and Android apps, cross-browser HTML5 apps and general design advice to help get your idea off the ground. Talk to us about making games or business tools and get plain-English advice about security, in-app purchases and revenue streams.

Check out our Mobile Device Library - a free service where you can borrow real tablets and phones to test out your app/website.

We also help run the University of Exeter Mobile App competition, a scheme which funds development of the top staff and student ideas for a mobile app.